About Us

TechGenez is a technology website developed  by a 22-year-old Ghanaian by name Anane Ebenezer in Kumasi-Ghana,West Africa.We live in a planet which is always prone to technological changes, but the sad news is that many do not know about this.

As a result of this we thought it wise to embark on a mission to connect people globally to the world of technology.Many platforms are doing great works on the same course.

Despite all this there is a lack, this is because there is issues of language barrier. With TechGenez language is not an issue since we have translation for the worlds most widely known languages.


Words From the Founder

I am filled with a lot of passion when it comes to technology. My core aim for developing  TechGenez is to connect the entire globe to the world of Technology. I keep you updated with the trending news in the world of technology.

Anane Ebenezer – TechGenez Founder

TechGenez touches on trending news tech news in the arena of Telecommunication,Healthcare,Global,Robotics,Cyber security,Auto-tech,Computers,Tech reviews,satellite communications and a lot more aspects in the arena of technology.

Please I am depending on everyone to help spread the good news about TechGenez so that the entire globe will be aware of the trending and new technologies happening in under the Sun.

Please follow us on our social media platforms through this links. , Facebook , Twitter. please like and follow me on this social media platforms. Please I need our ultimate support to make the entire population of this planet aware of what is happening in the world of technology.My ultimate thanks goes to Almighty GOD, and you for passing by.God bless you all.

The Future of TechGenez

The future holds a lot of great fortunes for this platform.We have plans of reaching many people around the world by few years to come.All this plans will have a great push I we have the needed support.Our arms are open to people who will like to invest in Us.

Great thanks to everyone who will love to support us reach our dreams.Sometimes I am faced with financial crises but If you will support me financially, I promise you the future will be closer than you think.

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