The Amazing Features C-1 Electric Car by LitMotors

This electric car is totally  Wait… I mean it’s the Lit Motors C-1.Slip and park between cars, get to work fast, and do it all safely, without fossil fuels. With two wheels aided by clever self-balancing tech, it makes comfortable, car-like travel a lot more compact.A vehicle with efficiency,safety, and unmatched stability.This technology is a combination of bike tech and car tech.lets have a look at its features;


A Look at C-1 FEATURES

100% Electric

The C-1 is 100% electric, using a small 10 kWh battery pack to travel up to 200 miles per charge. And the C-1 is freeway-ready, with a top speed of 100+ mph and acceleration of 0-60 in six seconds.

The Safety of a Car

With car-like safety features – seat belts, multiple airbags, a steel-reinforced chassis – along with our gyro stability system, the C-1 gives you the safety of a traditional four-wheeled car on two wheels.

Aerodynamic Design

It is designed the  for efficient high-speed travel.Influenced by Scandinavian design, the exterior of the C-1 is both approachable and simple, enveloping you in subtle curves, softened volumes, and expansive glass.

The Freedom of a Motorcycle

You can easily slipping through traffic and once at your destination, you can park in the smallest spaces.

The Comfort of a Car

The C-1 is fully-enclosed, protecting you from the elements. It has all the comforts you expect from a car, like climate control and a premium sound system

Intuitive, Car-like Interface

With a familiar interface, the C-1 is as easy to drive as a traditional car. No need to shift your weight or countersteer–the gyros take care of that for you. If you can drive a car, you can

1+1 Configuration

Why inefficiently haul around seating for five when the majority of car trips are made by a solo driver? The C-1 is designed to transport you and your daily essentials, with room for a passenger when needed. The interior is surprisingly spacious for such a compact vehicle.


The C-1 features smart phone and cloud connectivity as never seen before. We’re developing many exciting features that we can’t wait to tell you about–but we can’t reveal all our secrets yet!

In-Hub Motors

The C-1 uses high-torque in-hub electric motors, saving space and providing a responsive driving experience. These motors regenerate energy while braking, using a KERS to store the energy kinetically in the gyro flywheels.

Gyroscopic Stability

The “secret sauce” of the C-1 is our patented gyroscopic stability system. We use electronically-controlled control moment gyroscopes (CMGs) to generate thousands of ft-lbs of torque. The gyros are controlled by the vehicle, allowing it to lean itself into and out of turns, and stay upright when stopped–even in a collision! Our gyro system is the key to bringing the safety and interface of a car to a two-wheeled platform.


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