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Amazon Echo TOP’s AI in 2017

There have been only a handful of gadgets in today’s world. The Amazon Echo has been one of those products. In 2016 the Amazon Echo Gadget was ahead of all the other gadget, during this years CES in Las Vegas, we saw a lot of such great and innovative gadgets that was supposed to trap down the Amazon’s Echo.

Features of Amazons Echo

I’ve long been a believer in the promise of hands-free computing. The basic concept is promising: Voice control promises the ability to engage with computers while still going about our business as normal. Over the past few years, us humans have become increasingly glued to our screens, even while we’re out and about. I believe voice control will soon offer the same level of functionality and benefits without the need to bury our faces in our various displays.


Digital trends reported that, It was an amazing holiday season for the Amazon customers, as they watched their Echo artificial intelligence device dominate sales. Amazon’s Echo Dot was its top selling product. The other top three sellers on the site were the Fire TV Stick, Fire tablet, and Amazon Echo. The AI race between top companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google (with Apple lurking) is only going to intensify as the market develops more uses for the tech.

Why is Amazon out front in the AI battle? Compatibility might be one reason. Business Insider reported that at CES, multiple companies like LG, GE and Ford announced partnerships with Amazon that will bring Alexa to its respective products. The report also goes on to note that Amazon rolled out its AI with commands already built-in, which might have appealed to Apple owners who were fed up with getting nonsensical replies when querying Siri.

Echo is tied directly into Amazon’s e-tail ecosystem — so to speak — so the more you order, the more data goes into its recommendations, so you can order even more. Seamless integration with the massive Amazon inventory is a crucial part of the Echo appeal. As Amazon’s reach continues to grow, it will all be funneled through various devices down the digital pipeline to the end-user.

“Amazon will increasingly subsidize Echo by bundling content (think music, video) with the device,” Forrester Principal Analyst Thomas Husson said on BI. “They can afford this since this is not core to their business model: the end-goal is to facilitate interactions.” In business-speak, “interactions” mean “potential sales.” One wonders if Bezos and Company will have another go into the smart phone market. After the spectacular demise of their Fire Phone, could they try again? It would be one more place to put their AI software, after all.

Tech’s very nature is one of evolution. You either invent or you stagnate and die, while start-ups that were a glimmer in someone’s garage fly right by at warp speed. The battle is on for Artificial Intelligence to shape the TECH planet, which gadget can take down Amazons Echo,Lets guess or wait to see what the future holds.


Story credits: Digital trends 

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