An Emirati’s 49 inventions, from water maker to first-aid carpet

Al Shehi with some of his inventions

(KhaleejTimes)–   Can electric devices be operated wirelessly or without being plugged-in? Yes. This is actually one of the 49 inventions of Emirati national Abdullah Al Shehi, based in the emirate.

The sophisticated device transmits electricity through air without wires or any connections, he explained. “This new technology is efficient and safe, while transmitting electricity wirelessly to home lighting.”

This innovative power wireless transmitter uses a special device to send power and another device to receive it, he said. “However, there is no problem moving or standing in between the sending and receiving devices – it does not obstruct the power or electrocution.

“The more wire wound inside the transmitter, the stronger magnetic field it generates.”

The head of services unit at the RAK court, has benefited much from his diverse mechanical and electronic expertise; he has also served for 16 years with the civil defence department.

Though his first qualification was a secondary certificate from the industrial school, he also obtained a diploma in motor and electrical studies. “I then got a BA degree in computers, physics and maths and finally a Master’s degree in chemistry.”

Al Shehi, keen to showcase his masterpieces, was at the UAE Innovation Week in Ras Al Khaimah where he shed light on some of his latest innovations.

First-Aid Carpet to the rescue

To help people better, he introduced a First-Aid Carpet to help individuals and companies aid injured people according to international medical protocols, until the ambulance and paramedics arrive at the scene. “This innovative project is the result of accumulated expertise I have gained during my 16-year stint with the civil defence.”

The First-Aid Carpet includes a GPS, which gives an immediate signal to the nearest ambulance centre, he elaborated.

“This is in addition to special gadgets for measuring blood oxygen, blood pressure and the person’s pulse.

“If the heart is not beating, the artificial respirator attached to the carpet is fitted with a cardiac pacemaker.” The carpet also includes a handprint device that is linked with the concerned parties, and “provides all personal data on the injured.”

Al Shehi introduced a special water production system from air-conditioners using an electric power of 12 volts and 5 amperes. “The device intensifies the air and converts it to potable water.”

Each and every unit produces one litre every 24 hours, he said. “The model can be developed to produce larger quantities of water to meet the needs of those living in desert areas.”

Al Shehi also talked about another one of his machines, to generate hydrogen from water. “This can be used in cooking or welding solid materials.”

Source:: KhaleejTimes

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