CyberFirst Cyber security competition for UK Teen girls

GCHQ HAS LAUNCHED a competition for tech-savvy teenager girls in the UK that it hopes will encourage more to consider a career in cyber security.The CyberFirst Girls Competition, set up by GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), looks to put an end to the sausage party that is the cyber security industry, with just 10 per cent of the global cyber workforce made up of females.Teams of teens aged 13-15 are invited to enter in teams of four, along with a teacher who will act as a guardian and mentor.

An exciting competition to inspire and encourage young girls to consider a career in cyber.

The CyberFirst Girls Competition is made up of two parts: the first is a set of online challenges covering four main cyber security topics. We want to offer girls a fun yet challenging gameplay experience. The puzzles can become progressively harder allowing girls to stretch their learning and gain further knowledge that could help them in their everyday lives.
The online competition must be completed between the 27th February and the 6th March 2017.

For the second part, the top 10 teams from the online round will then be invited to an all-expenses-paid Grand Final in London. Teams will compete against each other to investigate some suspicious cyber activity, present their findings and solve who’s behind the crime.

This GCHQ competition is a chance to encourage more girls into the exciting world of problem solving, creativity, team working and applying knowledge to real world situations, in the context of Cyber Security, get a chance to go to the Grand Final and win some great prizes.They will have their cyber- skills tested against other schoolgirls from across the UK in a series of online challenges, that NCSC notes get “progressively harder,” allowing “girls to stretch their learning and gain further knowledge that could help them in their everyday lives.”

The top 10 teams will progress to a national final in London in March, where they will compete against each other to investigate what’s described as ‘suspicious cyber activity’ and attempt to solve who is behind a crime.The victorious contestants will take home individual prizes and their school will receive IT equipment to the value of £1,000. Girls will also be given the opportunity to apply for CyberFirst Student Bursary of £4,000 per year of undergraduate study at university.

GCHQ Director Robert Hannigan said: “I work alongside some truly brilliant women who help protect the UK from all manner of online threats. “The CyberFirst Girls Competition allows teams of young women a glimpse of this exciting world and provides a great opportunity to use new skills. “My advice to all potential applicants would be to enjoy the experience and I look forward to meeting some of you.”

I believe strongly that this will change the trend of which mostly males are found in the cyber security arena.Our ladies the time is now to prove to the world that you are cyber incline.

Story Credits:,   The Inquirer

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