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How to Install Car Covers

(Sponsored Post)–  Car covers are vital protection for cars when in outdoors. They protect your car from factors such as tree sap, water, harsh ultraviolet rays and bird droppings. They also offer protection against theft. Installing a car cover may be challenging and confusing. For a comprehensive guide on how to install a car cover, read on.

Car covers can be protective and damaging. A poor fitting car cover may damage the car more than if the vehicle had no cover at all. In the event where the car cover is loose, and a strong wind blows; the cover may hit the car that results to paint damage.

To get the best car cover, we recommend a custom car cover that fits the car’s ears and antenna perfectly. Salespeople advertise car covers that fit all models and car sizes; these are universal covers. They may be cheaper, but the fitting may be incorrect. A custom cover, unlike a comprehensive cover, fits only a particular car.


Steps to Install a Car Cover

  1. Take the car cover off from the packaging. Unfold the car cover. It eliminates the formation of debris below the cover.
  2. Fit the car cover over the antennae. Some custom car covers do not include antenna pockets. It is because the antenna pocket may be damaging to the antenna in the events of strong wind, if the antenna is weak, or if the fabric making the car cover is heavy.

In place of the missing antenna pockets, a car cover may come with a two-piece plastic grommet that does not scratch. It assists to strengthen the point at which the antenna slides through.

Installing the grommet is quite simple. Use the steps below;

  • If possible, detach the antenna
  • Install the car cover over the vehicle.
  • Using a removable substance, mark the car cover at the base location of the antenna. It should also be done in case the antenna is not detachable.
  • Lift off the car cover
  • Using the grommet, crack the car cover at each side of the marked base.
  • Get a sharp object, e.g., a blade or knife and use it to cut the car cover inside the grommet.
  • Attach the antenna. The role of the grommet is to hold the fabric tightly. It prevents ripping and enlarging of the hole. Once you install the grommet, begin by inserting the antenna in the grommet.
  1. Fit the side mirror pockets on the side mirrors. Skipping this step may lead to improper fitting of the car cover while unfolding the cover at the front or rear.
  2. Reel the cover at the front and later at the back of the vehicle. One in place, lock the cover position using the elastic bottom.
  3. The car cover has adequately covered the vehicle. It is voluntary to fasten the optional rope which one ties down through the grommets. If the area is windy, it is best to use the cord. In case the lock is excluded, use the grommets to secure the cover.

Car covers require periodical cleaning. Go through the car manual for cleaning instructions. Never store a wet car cover.

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