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India Must Watch Out For This Top 5 Tech Startups

Software engineers pose with new Aakash-2 computing tablets in their lab at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) /GettyImages)

Why should India watch out for this top 5 Tech Startups? This is because they carry catalyst of Technological Innovation.In today’s world, your level of technology determines your countries statues.Technology keeps on changing but the major drive behind technology is Startups.Many great innovations  came out of startups, therefore I present India with this startups;


Cogknit applies machine learning to text, speech, and computer vision. Target wants the shopping experience to be more accessible and inclusive for all its customers, including the visually challenged. It runs a lot of video content in its stores, and wants to make sure those have scripts that a visually challenged customer can follow. At Target’s massive scale, it is manually intensive work to generate scripts for all of its video content. That’s where Cogknit can help.

“We are looking to leverage Cogknit’s AI tech platform to be able to have a frame-by-frame account of the video on text,” Mishra explains. Cogknit is betting that voice-based transactions are going to disrupt industries.

Commerce has definitely arrived in social media and more and more people are buying and selling over Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube. wants to make social commerce easier through hashtags.

Roughly, this is how it works: you get to pick a unique hashtag for a product that can then be used across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. As soon as users comment on the post, a chatbot pops in and guides them to buy the product right there.


Cognitifai uses computer vision to index and make sense of physical world phenomena. Imagine a shelf stacked with mineral water bottles. A guest picks one from the lot. Through computer vision, Cognitifai can deduct one bottle from the store’s inventory. That way, the store can replenish the shelf much quicker than depending on a manual store worker to come in and check if the store is running out of stock. This enables real-time intervention to facilitate inventory management.

Cognitifai is also working on tech that can be applied for surveillance, healthcare, and hyper-local intelligence in smart cities and retail enterprises.


Light or Light Information Systems has been researching and developing in the field of deep learning and natural language processing for four years. It built a product called Light NLPBots that can decipher the meaning of text and images and helps businesses automate interactions with their consumers. The company says NLPBots can work with structured as well as unstructured data intelligently both for consumer as well as enterprise products.


Streamoid is an artificially intelligent stylist. It milks image recognition technology to squeeze out product and style information from pictures, feeds that to its AI engine, and produces contextual and personalized results for fashion shopping.

Streamoid is focussed on the fashion and retail industry and believes online product recommendation could do with some more disruption. “It [Streamoid] understands natural language, images, voice, and the context of the fashion query. It knows the difference between ‘dress shirts’ and ‘shirt dresses’. You can interact with it like you would with a highly knowledgeable fashion sales assistant,” the company says.

My Call to All Indians

Startups faces a lot of challenges, sometimes the world can get the best out of startups if we sponsor their works.The government must make a move to sponsor this startups because its geared towards making the nation great.

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