Knops allows you can control your natural ear volume

Now Knops technology have made it possible to control your natural ears volume in every environment.Sometimes we found ourselves in noisy environments, and all that we wish for is  to have control of the noise around us.Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.

Knops is founded by Koen, Quinten, Arjen and Richard. Koen and Quinten already have a thriving business selling earplugs with their company called Thunderplugs. Their earplugs are sold in a whopping 26 countries worldwide. They’re like the Richard Bransons of earplugs. Sort of. Their experience in the music business including worldwide shipping is something we use to our advantage for Knops.

The other two founders are the brothers Arjen and Richard. Arjen has a Ph.D. in acoustics and is a leading engineer. He has worked for clients like NASA, Porsche, and Ferrari. He’s basically a rocket scientist with an acoustic guitar. Or something like that. The idea for Knops conceived by Arjen is also engineered by Arjen in co-operation with Richard.

Richard has a master of arts and is a world class designer. He has worked with clients like IKEA and NASA. He once built a rocket named Sven. We think. The revolutionary design for Knops is created by Richard.

How does Knops work?

Well, it’s actually pretty darn simple. Each pair of Knops has four steps. Adjust the Knops to step one and you will hear what you woul’ve heard without plugs. But the real kicker enters the stage when you switch to the other three steps.

Step 2 will reduce the volume to filter the noise of a vibrant city, step 3 will adjust the volume to a live music setting and step 4 will create a silent environment ideal for work. Four different modes for basically every audio situation.

Like technically and stuff? Well, first of all Knops uses no electronics, no apps and no batteries. Instead our earbuds are acoustically engineered. The real sound is filtered using good old physics. With the help of computer simulations and real-world prototypes tested in acoustic labs, we tuned Knops.

We spend a lot of time fine-tuning the sound, so we can provide the best quality sound at every volume level. Working with the natural response of the ear canal. We even managed to create a similar reduction in dB across all the frequencies. Creating a very flat response curve.

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