Meet the World’s fastest Brain surgery Robot

Scientist from the University of Utah have come out with an automated Robot that can do a complicated cranial surgery 50 times faster than standard procedures by humans. Their scientific approach reduces the surgery time from two hours with a hand drill to two-and-a-half minutes.

Brain surgery is a serious business, and one slip can cause complete destruction of the patients brain.We all know that its one of the most skilled jobs in the world, as a result of this human error can still be a factor.As such, it’s understandable that surgeons would take several hours to perform such an operation.

According to a recent CNN report, the robot can actually make a complicated operation that normally takes two hours and reduces it to a little over two minutes. The project was led by William Couldwell, a neurosurgeon at the university and he said that the machine is a “time-saving device,” more than anything else.

How does it work?

The Robot basically takes a CT scan of a patient’s skull to determine which areas need to be drilled. Human doctors would be standing by the machine in case it needs to be shut down or if there are modifications that need to be made, which can be as precise as two millimeters of the target.

The robot was basically created to minimize the errors involved in brain surgery as much as possible. One of the ways it can do this is by shortening the amount of time that doctors spend o brain surgeries, since the robot can do this by up to more than 50 times.Also since time is money, its going to reduce the cost of brain surgeries.

Robotics are slowly changing the way doctors are performing surgery. Some patients may initially back off due to the thought of some machine cutting into them and messing with their insides, but these robots can perform with a precision that may be impossible for humans to achieve.Now lets wait and see what the future holds for robots.

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