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The Must Have Avegant Glyph – Video Headset

Avegant Glyph – Video Headset is the world’s first personal theater brings big-screen entertainment to your personal space. View all your favorite entertainment in vivid detail on this video headset with amazing audio and HD clarity, at home or at 30,000 feet.

See the difference.Avegant’s Retinal Imaging Technology enables seeing, not watching. Visual reality is a great experience everyone is supposed to have.Your eyes receive visual input in the most natural way possible, and perception is effortless. The experience feels innate. You’ll be delighted by what you see.

  • Watch films, play games, and enjoy endless entertainment in HD audio/video on the world’s first mobile personal theater experience
  • Connect to almost any smartphone, tablet, drone, or gaming console, at home, on the field, or at 40,000 feet (may require an adapter, sold separately)
  • A screenless display-the Glyph reflects light with over two million micro-mirrors, replicating natural human eyesight Designed and worn similarly to headphones, a familiar form that goes anywhere with you, delivering rich, high-resolution audio Immerse yourself in your favorite content without being completely cut off from your surroundings

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Lifelike: Image clarity is hardly distinguishable from viewing the natural world. Immersive, yet not shut off from your surroundings, it’s ideal for new and old media.

Adjustment:Fully adjustable optics compensate for most prescriptions, meaning you can enjoy extended viewing without the need for glasses.

Formats:Streaming video, downloaded content, console gaming, you name it. No special software needed.

Buy Now:This is a Must have tech product that will shape your lifetime experience.Just buy now to shape your experience.

How it works

The Avegant Glyph takes advantage of Avegant’s Retinal Imaging Technology, to transmit vivid, life-like images directly to the eye. The image begins with a low powered LED.After passing through a patented set of optics, the light is reflected off of a microscopic mirror array.

Two million mirrors that shape the light into an image fit for the eye.The light is then focused through a second set of optics and projected directly onto the retina mimicking the way we perceive light in our everyday environment.

The Avegant Glyph avoids eyestrain, headaches and the physical discomforts often associated with other head mounted displays and video headsets. Images are focused for your eyes, so you can just relax and enjoy the show.

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