Karen Grant, an analyst at NPD Group, said the $50 billion a year beauty industry is driving that growth.The NPD Group, Inc. (NPD; formerly National Purchase Diary) is a market research company. The NPD Group operates in 20 countries, interviews 12 million consumers a year, and monitors consumer purchase data from over 165,000 stores.

“Beauty does not sit on its laurels and then wait for the trends to happen and then try to run with it,” Karen Grant said. “They try to drive some of the trends and meet the consumer needs, sometimes before the consumer is even aware of it.”

Which is why a company like Quantum Signal, an engineering firm based in Michigan, is in hot demand. CEO Mitchell Rohde said post 9/11, the company was working on face recognition biometrics for government agencies. Then Amway reached out for help developing smart mirrors.

CEO Mitchell Rohde said. “I was a little bit surprised by that, because obviously when you start an engineering company that has a lot of automotive and defense and these kinds of connections, you don’t really think about beauty and cosmetics and skin care as an application,”

“On the military side, it’s more about recognition and identification. On the beauty side, it was more about analysis of actual details of someone’s skin. But you know underlying all of it is math and algorithms,” Rohde said.

Jenna Blaha, the fashion and tech editor at Marie Claire magazine, said everybody wants to have the next big thing.“This is the direction the world is going in, so if you don’t invest now, then you’re going to be behind,” she said.And in this case, the next big thing may fix all those tiny flaws in the fashion industry. Many tech giants will definitely dive into the fashion world.