Nokia 3310 have arrived with 31 days standby battery

The whole world has missed  Nokia 3310, as a result of this the company have thought it wise to bring back their most trusted brand of phone.Just some months back the company announced their comeback in grand features.Simply Nokia 3310 with advanced touch.Many people around the world have being asking me when is the Smart Nokia 3310 going to be released?

I finally have the new Nokia 3310 release date, but don’t get too excited as it’s only been confirmed for four countries.Firstly, the new Nokia 3310 UK release date is May 24 – putting it ahead of the three other countries HMD has confirmed to date.

TechRadar have this to say “This won’t be your next smartphone though, with its 2.4-inch, 240 x 320 display, Nokia Series 30+ operating system, 2MP rear camera and 16MB (yes, megabytes) of internal storage.

There is a microSD slot allowing you to improve on the space by up to 32GB, and while the 1,200mAh battery isn’t anywhere near the size of the power pack found in modern smartphones HMD says it’ll be good for up to 31 days of standby.”

Two more of the lucky locations are the Netherlands and Belgium, where the new Nokia 3310 release date is set for June 5, while those in Germany will get their hands on the phone sooner with a 3310 release date of May 26.This was a major comeback and the whole world erupted in cheers.

The updated version of the much-loved classic from 2000 was launched at Mobile World Congress in February, and has attracted more interest among consumers than a number of brand new flagship smartphones.

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