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Now, use app to report illegal activities in UAE

Arab men on phone (c) REUTERS/Faisal Al Nasser

(KhaleejTimes)— Members of the Abu Dhabi public can now report acts that are punishable by law, using a new application launched by the Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution.

Ali Mohammed Al Baloushi, Attorney General of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, said the new application “Inform the Prosecution,” which can be downloaded on mobile phones through iOS and Android operating systems, was launched as part of the Public Prosecution’s commitment to harnessing advanced technology to deliver high-quality judicial services.

“The application seeks to increase communication between the community and the judiciary through modern technology, in a way that preserves community security, as part of our corporate social responsibility programmes.”

“Security and stability in the community can only be maintained through joint efforts by both individuals and institutions, each in his position,” he stated.

Members of the public can report any illegal act or provide information about suspicious activities or behaviour to the Public Prosecution.

Hassan Al Hammadi, Director of the Prosecutions Department, said the application is available at the App Store and the Play Store in both Arabic and English languages for Emirati citizens, residents and visitors.

“Through the application, the user can explain the illegal act, its location and time of happening, and attach an evidence whether a photo, video or voice clip and then send it to the Public Prosecution,” he said, noting that providing the identity of the sender is optional.

“A number for the e-notification will be sent to the sender’s mobile phone through a text message, following which legal procedures will be initiated,” he explained.

Credit:: KhaleejTimes

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