Ovao Makes Smart Swimming Goggles With VR

Smartwatches and smartphones are great for tracking a workout for runners or skiers, but hardly will you hear of swimmers wearables.This is when Ovao breaks that gap in wearable technologies. Ovao – a Lithuanian swimming technology company – is working to give swimmers real-time insights into their workouts, and so they made goggles smart.


Ovao attaches to a strap of your swimming goggles. A bendable device’s arm adjusts to a shape of your goggles, so you can see color-coded signals. The device provides real-time coaching while giving intuitive color-coded instructions on your training intensity (whether you need to increase or decrease it) and a simple single tone signal for tempo training and swimming exercise timing. No matter what goals do you have for your training – with Ovao virtual training assistant you can train less and achieve more.

“We were looking for the least intrusive ways of providing feedback to swimmers,” Ovao CEO Aldas Juronis told e52.

Ovao came up with a virtual training assistant that can be attached to the strap of a swimmer’s goggles at the side of the head. The device flashes color-coded lights that signal where a person is in the workout.

How it Works?

For example, after a five to 10-minute warmup period, a flashing green LED light means that the swimmer should increase her speed and a second light means that she is about to enter the second heart rate phase of his workout.

The goggle lights are coordinated with the Ovao app. There are a variety of workouts to choose from including swimming performance improvement, smart fat burning, endurance improvement and setting a personalized program.

“You just have to remember five colors which indicate your heart rate zone. And when you are able to track your heart rate zones while training you can achieve better results within less time,” Aldas said.

Heart rate, lap time, speed and pace, calories burned, lap count, stroke rate, stroke count and distance can be analyzed after workouts.This werable is a must get for all swimmers.

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