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Patrolling robots can detect explosives, inspect suspicious objects

(JapanToday)–  Secom Co Ltd has developed the “Secom Robot X2” patrolling robot and “Secom Robot X3” interactive multifunctional robot that can autonomously move about.

The Secom Robot X2 can move around at an empty airport, train stations, etc, at night for patrolling while avoiding obstacles by using ultrasonic sensors. It features the SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) function, which estimates the location of itself in the building by using laser sensors and stereo cameras and create a map.

The most distinguishing feature of the X2 is that it arm is equipped with a built-in TOF (time of flight) camera, thermal image camera and metal detector, and the robot checks suspicious objects, trash cans, etc that it finds while patrolling. The TOF (range image) camera is used to measure the distance to an object while the thermal image camera and metal detector are used to find explosives and dangerous objects.

On the top of the robot, there is an omnidirectional camera that can take 360-degree video, which is stored in the robot and transmitted to a monitoring room.

The X2 measures 840 (W) x 1,120 (D) x 1,225mm (H) (excluding the arm) and weighs 230kg. Secom plans to conduct a verification test of the robot soon.

The Secom Robot X3 can safely move around in areas where there are humans because it is equipped with Honda Motor Co Ltd’s robotics technologies such as a posture control technology and omnidirectional wheels, according to Secom.

It can move back and forth and right and left, move diagonally and turn on the spot.

With a face authentication function and a projector that can project images on the front side of the robot and the floor, the X3 is capable of various kinds of communications such as route guidance and search for a stray child in addition to patrolling.

Also, the X3 has an AED (automated external defibrillator) on its back. When it finds a collapsed person, it reports to a monitoring center and projects an image to the floor to teach how to use the AED. The robot asks people near the site of the accident to use the AED, contributing to saving the life.

The X3 has (1) a TOF camera and omnidirectional camera on the front side (2) four stereo cameras on the front, back, right and left sides, (3) two full HD cameras on the front and back sides and (4) capacitor microphone/speaker. It measures 460 (W) x 570 (D) x 1,350mm (H) and weighs 80kg (including the AED (3kg).

Secom plans to integrate the functions of the X2 and X3 in the near future to realize a robot that not only moves around a crowed place and checks suspicious objects and trash cans but also searches for a stray child and helps save the life of a collapsed person.

Source:: JapanToday

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