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Russia working on new technology to stave off cancer

(TASS)– Russia is developing technologies to forecast the evolution of cancers in patients, Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova said on Thursday.

“We are now looking into the possibility of forecasting the development of cancers many years before their clinical manifestation, through micro-DNA and micro-RNA in human body fluids,” Skvortsova said after President Vladimir Putin’s State of the Nation Address earlier on Thursday in which he emphasized the importance of a nationwide program to fight cancer.

The health minister said the goal is to “anticipate this danger for any person during cancer screening, regardless of where he or she lives in our country, and help that person overcome this health hazard completely or hold off its formation by 10 to 15 years.”

She said this and other developments in the Russian healthcare sector would help bring about a breakthrough in diagnosing and treating cancers in the foreseeable future. According to her, this future breakthrough is already a reality.

“We are developing nuclear medicine and without it, modern cancer research could not exist – this is radio-diagnostics, different options for radiological therapeutic intervention, including very precise with a diameter of up to 0.1 millimeters in deep-seated structures where the lancet cannot reach,” the minister added.

A nationwide program to fight cancer must be implemented in Russia, President Vladimir Putin said in his State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly.

“Almost all of us have relatives or friends who were affected by this calamity – cancer. I suggest implementing a special national program to fight cancer, with the active involvement of science, the national pharmaceutical industry in addressing this challenge, modernizing oncological centers, building a modern comprehensive system ranging from correct diagnosis to timely and effective treatment, which will make it possible to protect people,” the president said.

Source:: TASS

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