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Technology is set to takeover UAE classrooms

Schools in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) have adapted technology into their curriculum for several years now, but a new study has revealed that 52 per cent of schools have fully integrated them in classrooms.However, only 28 per cent of schools have built technology into the curriculum so far.

Just recently the city of Dubai just sprung up the flyig taxi technology. UAE is making great technological advancement in recent years, and they employing technologies in their educational systems as well.
hey say that as a result, the computers and tablets introduced to classes are not being properly integrated into learning.

This systems include, The video-streaming system can also work for distance-learning courses and is among a host of new technologies that aim to build on the digital classroom.

In 2016 there was a special event in the UAE, to enable them to know how well they can use technology to shape the future of the upcoming generation.
Ms Finnemore said teachers would have to adapt to a new role as pupils were encouraged to find much of their information for themselves online.

“Teachers will become advisers in the learning process,” she said. “They will no longer be the sole purveyor of information.I hope, as the next IT-savvy generation of teachers hits schools, there will be opportunities for more individual learning, with teachers communicating wherever and whenever with students who need direction or advice.”

stressing on the issue Ms Finnemore continued by saying “I really hope the days of learning and regurgitating textbooks dies out quickly.”

Schools should look at countries such as Singapore, where there is complete integration of technology, making home and school part of a complete learning classroom, Ms Finnemore said.

“The UAE should also be looking at the changes that have take place in the computing curriculum in the UK, where young students learn to code and design apps before they leave primary school.
The event also brings together educators from around the world to exchange ideas with principals and senior teachers from some of the countries’ top schools on hand to discuss their pioneering work.

A key theme this year is how to motivate students into learning in a way that is engaging and fun.
A study released by Microsoft on Monday revealed that 80 per cent of educators said they believe their school leaders have a clear vision of how to use technology for the enhancement of the classroom experience.

An overwhelming majority, at 99 per cent, reported that technology was used in their institution, albeit to varying degrees:

11 per cent used basic word-processing and email
36 per cent used technology only for certain lessons that required access to the Internet
52 per cent said Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was fully integrated into the day-to-day rhythm of teaching

The survey, which was carried out by YouGov, interviewed 100 UAE-based educators and found out the challenges and opportunities in adopting technology in classrooms.

Due to all this stands and analysis the government of UAE is going to have a greater look at how best they can use technology to improve their educational system.

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