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The Exclusive 2nd Coming of Apple iPad Pro

WWDC 2017 has presented to us the Exclusive 2nd Coming of Apple iPad Pro.At WWDC 2017 on June 5, 2017, an updated generation of iPad Pro was announced. This updated generation features A10X Fusion processors, a starting storage capacity of 64GB, an upgraded display and a new 10.5-inch version to replace the 9.7-inch model; the 12.9-inch versions was refreshed. Following this announcement, the first generation iPad Pro was removed from the Apple Store.


Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP of software engineering, says iOS 11 is “easily the biggest iPad release ever.” Marketing chief Phil Schiller one-ups that.

“What we’ve done for iPad in iOS 11 is in and of itself enough for a major software release,” he explains. “You could say, ‘Here’s the iPad version of iOS 11’ — if there was such a thing.”
The Cupertino-based company stated that “As you know there are two iPad Pro models today, a 13-inch and a 9.7-inch, Today we’re going to introduce an all new iPad Pro. It’s going to take everything you love about the 9.7-inch, and take it even further.”


Embodied Features

That list of features includes:

  • Apple’s top-tier mobile camera. The old iPad Pro used Apple’s “good enough” 8MP camera, the same one from the £340 iPad and a few other products. The new one uses the exact same camera and ISP as the iPhone 7, which means it can take “wide color” photos and shoot 4K video.
  • The wide color display. This has also shown up in other Apple products, including recent iMacs, the iPhone 7, and the iPhone 7 Plus.
  • The “True Tone” display. Formerly exclusive to the 9.7-inch iPad, this is a system of sensors that detects the tone of your ambient light and adjusts the color temperature of the screen to match. This is on by default but easy to disable.

Changes for the 10.5-inch iPad

According to to UK ArsTechnica, It’s just a tiny bit taller and wider than the 9.7-inch iPad Pro (9.4 and 6.6 inches for the old Pro compared to 9.8 and 6.8 for the new one), but it retains the same thickness and weight, which contributes to an overall impression that it’s about the same size as the older iPad Pro.

Apple has used that extra width to create a full-sized Smart Keyboard to replace the reduced-size one that paired with the 9.7-inch Pro. The keys are still canvas covered, and they retain the shallow-but-clicky feel of Apple’s other butterfly-switch keyboards. The typing experience is not so much radically changed as it is slightly more comfortable.

With the new iPad Pros, Apple hasn’t reinvented the category, but it has put some much-needed space between the £340 iPad at the entry level (still a good deal) and the £620 iPad Pro lineup. The 9.7-inch Pro was better than the £340 iPad, but it wasn’t so much better that most people could justify paying nearly twice as much;

the 10.5-inch iPad adds enough that, for particularly heavy users, you could justify the extra cost. The only missing piece of the puzzle right now is iOS 11, which includes new multitasking capabilities that will help the Pro hardware better realize its multitasking potential.

To Apple, iPad Pro is iPad is a powerful way to work, play, and learn. With over a million apps designed to take advantage of its large Multi-Touch display and powerful chip, it can transform the way you do the things you love.What do you make of the new iPad Pro?

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