The Future of Technology with IoT

The Future of Technology with IoT is kind of delusional, Yes we all know that the Internet of Things (IoT) is already here and if you don’t, then you need read about it to know what to expect in this amazing evolution in technology.

Predicting such a long a technology evolution and innovation over the next ten to thirty (10 – 30) year is obviously very far and one may wonder what to expect but already research shows that by the year 2020 the Internet of Things (IoT) would become a reality, meaning that the evolution and innovation over the next ten to thirty years would be phenomenal.

In fact, we would be doing essentially everything in our daily lives all over the internet. I must say that this ovulation have already started because already there are a lot of working from home jobs available all over the world which neglects physical meetings and discussions with team member in person. Meeting and discussions are held online with the help of Voice Over IP (VoIP) applications. Job interviews, communication with friends and family are all done using VoIP applications.

This therefore means the ability of individuals to use the technologies made available on and with the help of the internet would be a necessity to make life easy for everyone, there will be the need to tackle the security aspect of this technological break through in other to win the trust and guarantee the safety of users of the technology since security on the internet has been come trending topic for everyone who uses the internet.

Security on the Internet:

With all the limitless capabilities made available through technology, creative individual are able to create software and gadgets that make use of the currently technology. While some people may choose to use the software’s or gadgets built on the technology because it does solve or help them to accomplish a task, others may be careful and think of how to use this technologies which I encourage we all do.

This is because of the fact that all technologies are not entirely perfect  hence the technology must be create to withstand current tech conditions in other to prevent any unintended behavior or operation of the technology.

It is no wonder that, security and privacy has become the concern of the general public who follow trends in technology and understand the possibilities that can be achieved using it. The world has experience a lot of awesome and positive impact with the help of technology likewise has it experience awful and negative impact.

So technology although created to solve our daily problems with good intentions to make life easy for humans while improving our living standards is not all time so. In this regards, careers in Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, and Network Security is going to be in high demand.

Prospective Future Careers:

If you are thinking of considering career in the above mentioned fields you are definitely on the right path because your services will be needed to create, maintain and secure this technologies. Other careers are equally necessary because we all can not become Electronic Engineers, Software Engineers and Network Security Specialist ignoring others careers but I will only talk about the above mentioned careers which I have researched on.

Expectations from Electronic Engineers would be very high. Some decades ago computers were owned my state institutions and companies which occupied large spaces of the size of an entire room. Now revolution of computers has changed from then computers which occupied an entire room to computers that can fit into our pockets and backpacks limitless capabilities.

This should tell you Electronic Engineers have contributed enormously to reducing the size of computers to what we have now which we can carry anywhere we go and can be owned by anyone at all at a fairly reasonable price depending on type. Looking forward into the future of Internet of Things (IoT), Electronic Engineers will play a very essential roll to make this future every tech savvy is talking about a reality.

Similarly, Software Engineers would be required to create flawless software to used these technologies will be the aim of any company that invests millions of cash into products that will make use of the technology. Software Engineers would have to research available technology and the understand all its aspects in other to create suitable software that will utilize it and because investment are made in other to gain returns, companies would not just seek to put their product out there but instead would want to put a ready product that will can withstand the conditions of the tech environment and most importantly satisfy their consumers.

In the same sense, Networking Security expects will also be required to create if possible extremely secured network infrastructures that will withstand unintended behaviors and operations from “bad guys” on the internet by filtering suspicious activities detected on networks to prevent any unfavorable outcomes since most of our tasks in our daily lives are base on the internet.

This therefore means in the future of the Internet of Things (IoT), security would be very essential since all electronic gadgets we use in our daily lives will be linked to the internet to enable one to access these gadget anywhere he or she may find him or her self in the world with the help of the internet.

These careers are the back bone of most of the technology we are enjoying day and will continue to be. Considering all that I have said about the evolution to occur in the next ten to thirty years to come or better still the 2020 Internet of Things (IoT) which I consider to be a fraction of what to expect in the future, you can clearly see that the world is yet to experience the best out of technology.

Though the best is yet to come, we the users of this technology have to take the pain to understand the best way to use and better help these technologies to reduce the vulnerability that this technologies may have.

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