The VES-4 robot that milks scorpions will aid cancer research

This is a major break since, the VES-4 robot that milks scorpions will also aid cancer research .Scientists at Ben M’sik Hassan II University in Morocco have developed a new lightweight and portable robot that can extract venom from scorpions.This robot also holds the potential of being used in medical applications such as anti-malarial drugs and cancer research.The Researchers also said that their robot not only speeds up the extraction process, but also makes it safer.

The lightweight VES-4 device created by Mouad Mkamel and his team of researchers is a portable robot that can be used in the lab and in the field. It works by clamping the scorpion’s tail and electrically simulating the animal to express droplets of venom, which it captures and stores. The VES-4 wouldn’t be the first robot to be utlized by medical scientists.

“This robot makes venom recovery fast and safe,The extraction of scorpion venom is a very difficult task and usually takes at least two experimenters,”said Mouad Mkamel from Ben M’sik Hassan II University in Morocco.

“There are numerous risks including potentially deadly scorpion stings and electric shocks from the stimulators used to extract the venom,” he said.Mkamel created the VES-4 device to be a lightweight and easily portable robot for researchers both in the lab or the field.

“It is designed to extract scorpion venom without harming the animal and to provide more safety for the experimenters,VES4 could be used by one person using a remote control to safely recover scorpion venom remotely,” said Mkamel.

Current scorpion-milking methods are mostly dangerous, unreliable or harmful to the animal. This robot milks the scorpions by clamping the tail and electrically stimulating the animal to express droplets of venom, which is then captured and safely stored.


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