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This Week in NASA History: Apollo 12 Returns to Earth — Nov. 24, 1969

Astronauts, from left, Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon, Alan Bean
This week in 1969, the Apollo 12 splashed down in the Pacific Ocean. In this image, astronauts, from left, Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon, Alan Bean peer out of the window of the mobile quarantine facility aboard the recovery ship, USS Hornet. NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center designed, developed and managed the production of the Saturn V rocket that took astronauts to the moon. 
Today, Marshall is developing NASA’s Space Launch System, the most powerful rocket ever built that will be capable of sending astronauts deeper into space than ever before, including to an asteroid and Mars.

 The NASA History Program is responsible for generating, disseminating, and preserving NASA’s remarkable history and providing a comprehensive understanding of the institutional, cultural, social, political, economic, technological, and scientific aspects of NASA’s activities in aeronautics and space. For more pictures like this one and to connect to NASA’s history, visit the History Program’s webpage.


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