Top 8 Google Chrome Tips

Google Chrome has been around for many years, and so I thought, in order to commemorate the success of this browser, I would spoil you with these handy tip and tricks.

Here are 8 tips that you can use to help you take better advantage of the many features and functions of the Google Chrome web browser:

Sync with Google Account

With Google Chrome it’s possible for you to sync your bookmarks, passwords and settings to your Google account. This feature is most ideal for individuals that switch computers quite often; such as between work office and home, and needs access to the same bookmarks and services.

You can modify your sync settings by logging into your Google Account and going into the Settings, via the Google Wrench Icon (top right hand corner), then select the Chrome Menu button.

Open Multiple Pages at Startup

Rather than have a single page load up when you start your browser, you can configure Google Chrome to open several pages at the same time, giving you access to all the websites that you like to frequent.

It’s very easy for you to setup, simply click on the Google Wrench Icon, then select Settings, from here, you’ll want to click on the box that says Open a specific page or set of pages, then click on Set pages.

From the Startup pages applet you can add as many URLs as you like.

Now close Google Chrome, and when you run it again, all the pages you chose should load up, all at the same time.

Create Custom Shortcuts

Google Chrome has tons of different keyboard shortcuts, which you can find all over the internet, these shortcuts are for several different functions. However, one thing that many people don’t know is that it is possible for you to change these shortcuts.

Simply type chrome://extensions into the Address Bar and press Enter.

When the Extensions Window open, scroll down to the bottom, then click on Keyboard Shortcuts. From here, you will be able to alter the shortcuts.

Save As PDF

If you stumble upon an excellent post on a website, it’s possible for you to quickly save it as PDF through Google Chrome.

To do that, just press Ctrl + P. This will bring up a list of available printers; from here you’ll want to select Save as PDF.

Find Saved Passwords

If you have passwords saved on Google Chrome, which is just about everyone, then you should be happy to know that it’s possible to access these saved password.

If you would like to know your saved passwords, simply type chrome://settings/passwords into the Address Bar, press Enter, then search for the Saved Password to the specific Website.

Once you have found it, click on the Show button and it will show you the password.

Use Chrome Task Manager

Each tab on your browser runs its own sandbox, this is for stability sake, however it can be difficult to determine how much resources is being consumed by what. For example, if you load up Windows Task Manager, usually it will show you multiple instances of Google Chromes running in the background.

However, through the use of Chrome Task Manager, it’s possible for you to find out how much CPU and memory resources each open Tab and Extension is consuming; to open this tool simply press Shift + Esc.

For additional information, you can click on the bottom of the Task Manager for more stats and figures.

Bookmarks in Toolbar

If you would like to add websites to the toolbar area of the Google Chrome browser, you can right click on any Saved Bookmark and select Edit. When the Bookmark dialog box appears, remove the text in the name field, then click on done.

This way, only the favicons will show up in the toolbar area, giving you more space to add more bookmarks. This is an excellent tip for those individuals that are constantly visiting new pages and bookmarking them.

Use Omnibox Calculator

In addition to the address bar being a field for URLs, it also doubles up as a calculator. Rather than use your operating systems calculator you can simply type a mathematical equation into the Omnibox and it will present you with the results as an auto-suggestion.

This calculator is very adept, able to carry out more than your basic arithmetic but also conversions, such as pounds-to-stones or meters-to-feet. So give it a try.

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