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Trailblazer Orna Berry steps down from Dell EMC in Israel

(JerusalemPost)–   Dr. Orna Berry announced on Sunday that she would be retiring from her position as vice president and general manager of research and development for Dell EMC in Israel.

Berry is known as the first woman to serve as chief scientist, the highest position in the Economy Ministry’s Israel Innovation Authority – the engine behind the “Start-up Nation.” She also manned the industrial R&D operation in the ministry.

Berry joined EMC in December 2010, and helped usher in rapid expansion for its R&D activity. The company founded two sites in Beersheba and Haifa, along with enlarging existing offices in Herzliya and Glil Yam.

Berry remained at the helm even after Dell and EMC merged in 2016.

Dan Inbar, senior vice president at XtremIO, will now expand his responsibility and oversee Dell EMC Israel R&D centers at four sites.

“Orna’s lifelong commitment to promoting excellence, entrepreneurship and innovation are recognized not only within the company, but throughout the science, technology, security and venture-capital industries,” said Jeff Boudreau, president of Dell EMC’s storage division, in a statement.

“Her extensive list of awards and accomplishments, in addition to her unconditional dedication to developing the next generation of talent, are just some of her… contributions to the company.”

Berry previously served as an officer in the Israel Air Force.

She then studied statistics and mathematics at Tel Aviv University and the University of Haifa, following with a PhD in computer science from the University of Southern California. After that, Berry obtained a fellowship at the RAND Corporation, but decided to return to Israel.

Berry is also a laureate of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

The outgoing Dell executive often talks passionately about having more Israeli women break out to the forefront of science and the corporate world.

Berry spends part of her time volunteering with Woman2Woman, a program that places young alumni of elite intelligence Unit 8200 with a more experienced mentors.

“In each and every place I worked, I had a few women whom I recognized were very capable, and they gave me opportunity. And those women continued to be promoted to senior positions,” Berry told The Jerusalem Post, adding that after benefiting from being mentored, she is repaying the favor to women in hi-tech.

Dell EMC, part of Dell Technologies, helps companies and organizations transform their data centers with the company’s infrastructure, storage and cybersecurity tools. Dell says it provides services for 98% of Fortune 500 companies.

Source:: Jerusalem Post

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