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Translight Solar Limited Awarded the Most Innovative Energy Company In 2017 At Ghana Energy Awards

(ModernGhana)– Translight Solar Limited was recognized as the most Innovative Energy Company in 2017 at the Ghana Energy Awards beating out the three other nominees in the category. The award was announced at the maiden prestigious national program at the Labadi Beach Hotel on November 30th 2017.

Translight’s innovation is based on creating Africa’s premier virtual energy grid anda comprehensive platform to allow financial institutions to lend to customers for the purchase of solar energy systems removing the barrier of high upfront costs when migrating to renewable energy.

The company’s solutions are poised to transform the way energy is generated and transmitted on the continent, allowing even the most remote parts of the continent to be electrified for economic development and job creation. It will significantly reduce the cost of electricity for those who are already connected to the grid.

The Ghana Energy Awards was backed by the World Energy Council, Ministry of Energy and its allied agencies. Combining all other categories, more than 60 companies and individuals were shortlisted for the grand honour.

Mr. George Kwakye, the marketing manager of Translight Solar in receiving the award gave special thanks to the support the company receives from the Ghana Climate Innovation Center (GCIC). He said, “we are grateful for the leadership of our CEO, Kobina Nyanteh.

We couldn’t have come this far without the support from the GCIC. We give special thanks to Ruka Sanusi, Abdul-Nasser Alidu and the support we get from Maarten, Charlotte and Daniel all under the GCIC program.

We are grateful for the partnership with Fano Technologies under the leadership of Dr. Fred McBagonluri and Nicholas Tali. Special thanks goes to Philip, Brian, Japtheth and the entire Translight team.”

The Special Guest of Honor Mr. Peter Amewu, Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, expressed joy about the organization of the award which sought to inspire hard work and innovations for national growth.

He said there is the need for Ghana to shift from conventional forms of energy to renewable sources that would reposition the country for accelerated economic expansion and improvement in living conditions of the citizenry.

Mr. Ing Emmanuel Dankwa Osafo, Director, Generation and Transmission at the Ministry of Energy who spoke on behalf of the Chief Director of the Ministry said: “awards scheme of this nature will go a long way into shaping the industry and enhance competition.”

He commended Energy Media Group and GP Business Associates – organizers of the event – for excellent job done as the gala received tremendous patronage from the wider public including ministers of state, parliamentarians, and development partners, current and former ministers.

Energy Media Group CEO, Mr. Henry Teinor said on Monday: “This will help the youth and many emerging energy companies to do their very best. The massive turn out at this maiden edition says it all that the scheme has come to stay.”

Translight Solar Limited was also nominated in the Renewable Energy of the Year category.

About Translight Solar Limited

Translight Solar Limited is a solar technology, installation and distribution company pioneering Africa’s premier virtual energy grid as a platform that allows financial institutions to lend to customers for the purchase of solar energy systems.

The platform involves a suite of technologies which includes but is not limited to the payment gateway, GPS locationtracking, energy efficiency and battery protection, energy saver and connection of all solar installations to the data center for remote monitoring and management. Translight is headquartered in Accra, Ghana and was established in December 2014.

Solar systems installed by Translight become the primary source of energy for the premise with the grid becoming secondary. This way, the homeowner enjoys a huge reduction in the cost of electricity and uninterrupted power after the installation.

Translight is also pioneering the smart home technology for efficiently managing the use of energy in households and businesses to ensure the electricity generated from the solar system is enough to power the premise. This will save homeowners on the cost of electricity.

Translight plans on installing ten thousand solutions across Africa in four years under its One-House-One-Solar-System program. The company’s business model isbased on partnerships with institutions to finance households and commercial entities for the purchase of solar systems.

In the model, households who want to buy solar solutions, for uninterrupted power and cost saving in power generation, will first apply to the financial institution for a loan to pay for the cost of equipment and installation of the solar energy system.

As part of the arrangement with the financial institution, Translight installs the solar system and is paid immediately after, with the loan from the customer for the cost of equipment and installation. The customer makes monthly payments to the financial institution for the loan for a period of not more than five years.

Translight maintains the installed solar system for five years and uses its suite of technologies and services to ensure the customer makes monthly payments to the financial institutions. Its win-win for all parties involved.


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