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Treepedia App: the solution to Global Warming

MIT lab Treepedia app enables you to discover how greener your Cities are.If you want to plant more trees along your streets you have treepedia tool at their disposal.

Researchers at the MIT Senseable City Lab have launched a new platform using Google Street View data to measure and compare the green canopies of major cities across the world. Treepedia, created in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, is an interactive website which allows users to view the location and size of their city’s trees, submit information to help tag them, and advocate for more trees in their area.

The online tool  analyzes millions of neighborhood photos from Google Street View to create block-by-block maps of cities around the world showing where there are trees and where streets are bare.The green canopy plays an important role in urban life, with trees helping to mitigate extreme temperatures, provide natural respite from traffic, noise, and congestion, and improve the quality of our urban environment.

Despite this, the average citizen is often removed from the understanding and development of their environmental habitat. Users can look at an overview of each city dotted in shades of brown and green to show where trees are few or frequent, and they can zoom in to see ground-level images if they want to see exactly which blocks need greening.

“Street greenery is a really important part of the urban environment,” says Xiaojiang Li, a postdoctoral fellow at MIT who helped develop Treepedia’s Green View Index, a measure of the tree coverage in a city overall and in any area within the city that a user wants to examine.

Trees provide shade for pedestrians in the summer and help to lower urban temperatures, Li says.

They also help prevent water runoff during heavy rain and clean the air.The MIT team used the Google GOOG, +1.03% photos instead of satellite imagery to “really measure how much greenery people might see” as they move around a city’s streets, Li says.

Treepedia’s Green View Index doesn’t take city parks into account for that same reason.It was first launched in ten global cities, Treepedia will continue to expand in more municipalities across the globe. In the future, users will be able to add unique tree information on an open-source street map, and engage with officials to advocate for further planting in particular areas.

The treepedia online app is really going to draw peoples attention, with regards to how prone they are to global warming.Lets all do what we can to save our earth for future generations.

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