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US-Army Guard and Reserve Soldiers team up for cyber defense

Sgt. Charles Apperti, a U.S. Army Reserve information technology specialist assigned to the Army Reserve Cyber Operations Group, Western Cyber Protection

In today’s era of cyber threats from all angles, the US-Army have initiated an exercise called Cyber Shield.AS parts of its national defense duty,the army makes sure its cyber gurus are always updated with the exploits in the hacking world.This event took place at Camp W.G. Williams, Utah.

The event took two weeks, dated from April 23 to May 5, 2017, and it involved more than 800 service members and civilians.Let me give you a glimpse of 2016 version of Cyber Shield

The exercise is an Army National Guard defensive cyberspace operations with approximately 800 members of the Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Army Reserve and representatives of state and federal government agencies, industry partners and academia taking part. The purpose of the exercise is to provide a collective training event to evaluate cyber operations and set the conditions for team validation

Cyber Shield according to research started small and has grown tremendously over the last four years under Capello’s leadership and guidance, reflecting the importance of the cyber domain in today’s rapidly changing environment. That importance extends beyond the Army to vital partnerships with state agencies and others.

“As time has evolved, we realized that we needed to focus on [non-military] networks,” said Capello. “When a governor asks for help, we have to understand what [the problem] looks like. What do your state systems look like? What does your critical infrastructure look like?”

The first week of Cyber Shield-17 provided training and certifications for participants, while the second week tests the Blue Team’s ability to identify and react to cyber threats inserted by the Red Team to test their cyber response skills.During the exercise, members of the U.S. Army Reserve Command’s 75th Training Command will support the command and control element, the training analyst cell, and the assessments cell.

In the course of the exercise Col. John Zierdt, 75th Training Command, Gulf Division made this pronouncement; “We integrate subject-matter experts from other Army Reserve and National Guard units to provide assessments, command and control, and embedded observers to ultimately provide the [participating] units with a take-home packet so they can conduct training when they get home,”

What is peculiar about this event is that, it took place between Airmen and civilians from 44 states and territories the opportunity to test their skills in response to cyber-incidents in a multi-service environment.

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