US army Unleashes the prototype of their Hoverbike

Day in and day out, national defense have been a major concern to the US.The US Army Research Laboratory (ARL), along with industry partners, has demonstrated the flying capabilities of a rectangular-shaped quadcopter at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.Also known as the hoverbike, the joint tactical aerial resupply vehicle (JTARV) is expected to help US soldiers order and receive supplies on the battlefield.

According to researchers, future JTARVs will be capable of flying at a range of heights at speeds of more than 60mph.ARL Protection Division associate chief Tim Vong said: “Anywhere on the battlefield, soldiers can potentially get resupplied in less than 30 minutes.

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is the U.S. Army’s corporate research laboratory. ARL is headquartered at the Adelphi Laboratory Center (ALC) in Adelphi, Maryland. Its largest single site is at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Other major ARL locations include Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, Orlando, Florida, and NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Ohio and Langley Research Center, Virginia.

The current hoverbike prototype is electric, but researchers are currently experimenting with a hybrid propulsion system that would significantly increase the system’s range.

“We’re looking to end up with a modular, stable platform that can be used for even more dynamic and challenging missions.”
The US laboratory is also exploring options to enhance the JTARV’s payload capacity to 800lb, as well as extend its range up to 125 miles.

Vong added: “We’re also looking to integrate advanced intelligent navigation and mission planning. We’re looking to end up with a modular, stable platform that can be used for even more dynamic and challenging missions.”
Besides government, academic partners and other industry, the project is also teaming with the US Office of Naval Research.

The ARL represents the realization of a memorandum dated January 6, 1989 from the LABCOM Commander recommending integrating the corporate laboratories into a single entity. As part of the Base Realignment and Closure of 1989/1991, the consolidated research facilities would be located primarily at Adelphi Laboratory Center and Aberdeen Proving Ground.

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