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what is the point of 5G? asked by 5G World speakers

This years Keynote speakers at 5G World 2017 focused on exploring use-cases and likely return on the massive investment that the roll out of 5G will entail.First of all, what is really pushing telecom companies to invest massively in 5G technology.Let me give you a little brush up on 5G.

5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless systems, abbreviated 5G, are the proposed next telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G/IMT-Advanced standards.5G planning aims at higher capacity than current 4G, allowing a higher density of mobile broadband users, and supporting device-to-device, ultra reliable, and massive machine communications.

5G research and development also aims at lower latency than 4G equipment and lower battery consumption, for better implementation of the Internet of things.There is currently no standard for 5G deployments.The Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance defines the following requirements that a 5G standard should fulfill:

  • Data rates of tens of megabits per second for tens of thousands of users
  • Data rates of 100 megabits per second for metropolitan areas
  • 1 Gb per second simultaneously to many workers on the same office floor
  • Several hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections for wireless sensors
  • Spectral efficiency significantly enhanced compared to 4G
  • Coverage improved
  • Signalling efficiency enhanced
  • Latency reduced significantly compared to LTE.

According to Telecoms,The 5G World 2017 event was introduced by Adrian Scrase, CTO of ETSI who queried why operators are so desperate to speed up the 5G standardization process. “What are the new revenue streams 5G will enable?” he asked.

Uwe Janssen, VP of innovation and research at DT observed that network traffic per user doubles every two years, so that alone is a technological issue that needs addressing. He was quite open in bemoaning what he sees as a lack of innovation among the big networking vendors, especially in areas like telco-grade datacenters and RAN. He noted that DT is increasingly taking matters into it own hands via collaborations with other operators, such as AT&T and even new networking players such as Facebook.

Warming to the theme of consensus Janssen moved on to NB-IoT and the IoT opportunity, stressing that it could be thought of as a network slice but there needs to be global agreement on what a network slice actually is in order to be able to offer global solutions to the vertical industries expected to pay for the privilege of having a slide of the network devoted to their specific needs. He concluded by warning that we’re still quite a way from achieving multi-vendor, interoperable NFV solutions.

We then heard from Enrico Salvatori. President of Qualcomm EMEA (pictured), who started by referring to a recent survey his company conducted that revealed 80-90% of respondents expect a bunch of new industries, services and general opportunities to be created, that will amount to around $12 trillion of lovely new business by 2035.

Salvatori observed that for 5G to be able to deliver all this it needs to provide: higher speeds, improved reliability, lower latency and lower cost per bit. Announcing “Gigabit LTE is essential to the 5G mobile experience,” he deftly moved on to the Qualcomm X16 modem, which already offers just that!

There was also a name-drop for the X50 modem family, first announced at MWC this year, that Qualcomm claims will be the first 5G modem. Asked by Telecoms.com how he can make such a claim when the 5G standard has yet to be defined, Salvatori conceded that Qualcomm is making a calculated bet on the final standard and that any teaks needed between now and its introduction to the market in late 2019 should be possible via software.

When I dive into 5G I see a future of great possibilities, a world of greater connectivity.Technology is shaping everything including the future of connectivity.So what is your general impression on 5G World 2017?

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